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“I believe my best work is still ahead of me.”
Sam Beam said this to me a few years ago, and it’s always stuck in my head. I want to believe it’s true. In pursuit of that belief, I took on a lot of small bets last year.
In pursuit of that belief, I took on a lot of bets last year.
This one I lost…
Gold Underwear
Kenny called it “The Bet”. 
It started in October. I bet three friends that I’d be able to make a five episode Web Series by December 31st, 2015.
I lost. And so, this Sunday @ 10am I’ll be strutting down Broadway in Soho for a photoshoot in those gold puppies.
Come one, come all. 🙂  Photos to follow live on my Instagram.
The Bet – April 2016  (Coming Soon) 
Sign up here if you’d like to be invited to our April accountability project. New penalty to follow when you sign up. There are no rules on “what” you have to bet, only that you should go for something that excites you and that you can dedicate yourself to accomplishing in three months. Do you want to run everyday? Make a movie? Quit your job? I’m happy to brainstorm with you! It’s all an experiment (Life. Yes. And also this bet).

The bet is open to anyone who reads my blog! Submit your email here for an invite: 

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