Don’t attack the person, attack the argument

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My SECOND video on How to Talk Trump at Thanksgiving is called “Don’t attack the person, attack the argument.”

Also known as, the Ad Hominem Fallacy.

We’ve seen this type of fallacy on both sides, calling people “racist”, “crooked”, “weak”, a “liar”. The Ad Hominem fallacy is dangerous because it diverts the attention of the argument (that we’re discussing), and it puts it on person.

Because if you can prove that your opponent is a liar, you don’t have to prove that the substance of what you’re talking about is true.

Look out for phrases like…

  1. “Of course you would say that…”
  2. “The only reason you could possibly be in favor of this is…”
  3. “How can you argue for eating vegetarian when you sometimes eat fish” (One of my favs, this clearly shows how a person is attacked instead of being addressed for or against his argument.)

This Thanksgiving, look out for when people attack the person, and not the argument. And maybe try to keep focused on the argument. You would do that, wouldn’t you!

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