How long do I wait after our first date to call?

This post is part of a series of questions I answered during my time at HeTexted. Hundreds of girls asked me relationship advice, and I responded.

On February 27th, a girl asked me…

I had a date the other night and it went really well. We even had a kiss at the end. He said he’d ring me but it’s been 48 hours and he hasn’t. How long should I leave it? And should I chase up with a call or a text?

My advice…

AH! The classic question. Short answer… I don’t think the number game helps anyone. We all have different ideas of “how long” in our heads. Let it go.

When should you text?

I’ll answer that with another question… “When do you want to talk to him?”.

But yes… I understand that some guys like the chase. They like a girl who is demure. So I’d give him a few days. And if you get anxious, then follow up with a small text…. something where you don’t ASK too much of him. A good one might be “Hey I say X and it reminded me of you (or something he said)” or “Hey I’m going to be in your area later tonight at that new grocery store, maybe I’ll drop by and say what’s up.” … those are easy things that appear to have just occurred to you. They’re just my suggestions to you, but they are tested and work well.

Best of luck, write me back to let me know what you decide!!
– Chris

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