My friend needs to stop hitting on me! What do I do?

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This post is part of a series of questions I answered during my time at HeTexted. Hundreds of girls asked me relationship advice, and I responded.

On March 2nd, a girl asked me…

Hey Chris, pretty sure this guy is into me, but i just like him as a friend. Not sure how I can let him down lightly, without ruining the friendship we have going.

My advice…

Pretty easy. Just drop the names of other guys. Are you dating? Great, tell him about a date you went on. Or text him “Ah I can’t I’m hanging with my boyfriend on Tuesday”, or “I have a date on Tuesday”. Hell… tell him you had floor shattering disco-ball sex. (Whatever you’re comfortable with).

If you’re not dating, and you don’t’ want to lie? You could always drop guys you’re into… a guy from work or something. But in the end, … please take care of this situation. Don’t’ let this linger on any longer!


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