My Human Body 

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I almost wasn’t going to go out to the march today. My human body awoke tired. For me, marching in the Women’s March today isn’t “anti-Trump.” It’s my body’s desire for attention to two critical concerns:

  1. Equal rights for all human bodies
  2. Pressure against the irresponsible experiment we’re all conducting with the Earth’s atmosphere (aka. Climate Change)

I want Donald Trump to Make America Great — I want him to succeed. But I want it to be clear that it will not be at the expense of minorities, or women, or Muslims, or people with disabilities, or survivors of sexual assault, or the planet.

Today I’m donating my body to the cause, along with thousands of inspiring friends, family, and fellow Americans. I wish that we can Make America Great for everyone. Otherwise, let it be known that we are here, and we will come back again, ready to throw our bodies up against the machine.

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