On Books Podcast – A podcast. About books. I’m the host, and each week I interview friends and authors to discuss our favorite books.

RISK! Podcast – I joined Kevin Allison in 2010 as a co-founder of the RISK! podcast. That next year we launched The Story Studio ( New York City’s first storytelling school). Since then the podcast has grown the RISK! podcast to 580,000 downloads per month. My story where I mistakenly thought I had AIDS at age 11 can be found on the episode “What’s Going On?”

Film and Web Series

The Human Experiment (film)  is a documentary film narrated and produced by Sean Penn, and Dana Nachman. From 2013 to 2014 I worked with the team to launch their “Switch to Safer” awareness campaign.  The film investigates the damaging affects of toxics being absorbed into our food, household products, and bodies. That year we won Best Prototype at PBS’S POV Films Hackathon.

Hacker News Nation [2013-2014] is a tech news series where Mattan Griffel and I count down the week’s top tech stories from Y Combinator’s HackerNews.  We ran the show for 28 episodes, and took an indefinite break so that we could make more One Month courses.


Huffington Post

Thought Catalog 

The Sound of Songwriting [2010-2011] –  a series of 12 interviews I wrote for Crawdaddy! The project started with a simple question: how do great songwriters write songs? This was SO much fun to work on. A million thanks to Angie Zimmerman for believing in the idea! The series includes interviews with Tim Kasher of Cursive, Sam Beam of Iron and Wine, Courtney Taylor Taylor from The Dandy Warhols, and more… maybe one day I’ll reignite more of these, but until then.

He Texted – For 12 months I gave heart-felt dating advice to 600+ girls in New York City. Read my Top 10 Responses, and check out the spot that we landed on Good Morning America.

Online Classes

One Month HTML  is my HTML & CSS class. Learn with me, 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. Along the way we’ll build a landing page, and a blog template.

One Month Responsive Design – learn how to make your websites responsive and mobile-friendly. In this course I teach you how to build four websites.

Programming For Non-Programmers – I bet you have an idea for the next Instagram, but maybe you don’t know where to start? Programming for Non-Programmers is online course designed to help people with non-technical backgrounds communicate more efficiently with developers. is a site I made to help people Install WordPress easier (and for free). is a site I made with Mattan Griffel, and Patrick Stapleton to help people Install Ruby on Rails easier (and for free). is a free course I made to break down the story of the book, research and veganism (animal proteins and their affect on human nutrition).

Web Design 

My Web Portfolio [2008-2013] – I used to build websites. These are some screenshots of sites I’ve developer for my clients over the years: The Black Eyed Peas Blog (wow, so much time to learn about Fergie), the first General Assembly website, AMEX, Toyota, and my first site that I was ever paid to create: The Grand Central Oyster Bar!

Music & Videos 

Birdstar Sound – an ongoing electronic music collaboration between myself and Kyle Parkinson. Feel free to use any of our songs freely – no need to ask permission.

Brooklyn Music Collective Officially the “#1 Brooklyn-based Ukulele / Melodica Cover Band In The World.” My Saturday sidegig with the wonderfully talented Kenny Kline.

Dance at the Postoffice – My music project  from when I was living in Amsterdam. This is one of the things I’m most proud of from that time (wow, Marie’s beautiful voice. We did that in one take.).

My Blue Pill – A million years ago I wrote and performed songs with the band My Blue Pill. There were 5 of us traveling around in a U-Haul, we had 3 albums, roughly 100 shows, and it was one of the most carefree, fun and exciting times ever.