Integrating Payment With The STRIPE API

I love Stripe. They have an awesome API that handles payment processing for Websites. And it’s super easy to get started using it.

Saikat Chakrabarti (Product Engineer @Stripe), along with myself and the folks at General Assembly put this video together highlighting the first steps for getting started using Stripe.

Integrating Payments with the Stripe API – Archive from General Assembly on Vimeo.

This is a great class for developers who are interested in payment processing. Whether your client wants to sell something as simple as a t-shirt, or is in need of a fully customizable e-commerce solution, the Stripe API can handle it.

Questions answered:
-How do I get started with the Stripe API?
-What can’t I do with Stripe?
-What makes Stripe better than all the other payment options I’m considering?
-Is there a superior Stripe library I should consider when working with Stripe?

The tutorial files can be found on Stripe’s GitHub account:

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