My First Film Credit: The Human Experiment

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Movies take a lot of time to make.

That’s a lesson I just learned – two years in the making.

In 2013, I joined The Human Experiment  team to help produce their poster design, and web site.  The film itself was 90% complete back then (I was lucky enough to see an early screening), and now nearly two years later, the film has finally become publicly available! In theaters, Vimeo and on iTunes.

The Human Experiment is a documentary about the chemical industry, narrated by Sean Penn and directed by Dana Nachman I got involved with the film because I feel an alarming sense of responsibility to act, I want to know: what exactly are all the chemical we’re absorbing into our bodies doing to us?

Watch the trailer here:

I can’t say the film has all the answers, but it does start the discussion. And for that reason it’s exceptional.

Last week I saw the the film at the premier in New York City. There’s something magical about sitting in a dark, quiet room and watching a film that you know dozens of people, put years of work into.  Though my contribution was relatively small, I did find it exceptionally cool to see I had a credit at the end. I think that’s a first.

Are you curious how to buy household products that are less-toxic? (I mean, it seems like a no-brainer to me). Well the, check out the safer products list we built called Switch to Safer on The Human Experiment website.


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