A Visual Retelling of Bukowski at the Charleston International Film Festival

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Charleston International Film Festival

The Shoelace (2016) has been nominated for an award at the Charleston International Film Festival! The Shoelace is a short film (3 minutes) that I created as a visual retelling of the 1984 Charles Bukowski poem of the same title.

I first read “The Shoelace” when I was 14. At that age it was jarring to hear such an authentic adult voice – Bukowski’s writing lit me alive with pleasure. This is my attempt to bring an old poem to life in a new media – one that is fit for YouTubers.

The car won’t start, the toilet chain is broken, and a toothache has been killing him for days, it’s never ending. Then there’s that moment when it all comes crashing down. And that moment begins and ends with the snap of a shoelace.

The Shoelace will be available on Vimeo in early December. In the meantime read the original poem: “The Shoelace.  And if you’re near Charleston, please drop by the Charleston Music Hall on Friday, November 4th @ 7pm for the live screening.

Selected Stills: 

The Shoelace Opening




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