Vegan-Friendly: How to make restaurants healthier and more profitable

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A humble proposal to bring plant-based food to American cities

Vegan Friendly
A hypothetical mock-up of “Vegan-Friendly” labeling (*logo based on the Israeli version)

There’s a lack of plant-based food options offered at restaurants in America.

In New York City, where I live, less than 2% of the top restaurants have “vegan” or “vegetarian” labeling (based on a casual survey of 50 restaurants).

Meanwhile, over 6.4 million Americans identify as vegan, 16 million identify as vegetarian, and flexitarianism (ie. occasional vegetarians) is trending.

Last year the plant-based food sector experienced 8% overall growth, according to Nielsen, and the plant-based protein market is projected to reach $5 billion USD by 2020.

Restaurants can capitalize on this trend and increase revenue by adding “Vegan-Friendly” options and labeling.


Could cities offer a “Vegan-Friendly” (or Animal-Free) certification for restaurants and cafes that include plant-based, animal-free options on their menu?

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