Waking up in Trump’s America

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It’s time to Unite the Country! [ep1 ]

I feel like I’ve been in an episode of Black Mirror… not (only) because Trump won. But because of what it tells us: we live in a divided country.

And I was wrong. And being wrong like this has caused me pain. I had no sense how divided we were, and Tuesday night (election night) was a wake up call. Americans are angry. Americans are divided. And so I’m here to speak about that, to humbly admit I was wrong, and to promote conversations that work to unite the country.

The Day After Trump Won in NYC [ep2]

Unfriend all Trump supporters!? [ep3 ]

The Obstacle is the Way [ep 4]

“The things which hurt, instruct,” said Benjamin Franklin. Through our pain, we will find the cure. And so I’m looking for ways to turn my pain over the division in our country, into a positive dialogue where we can unite the country.

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  1. I left the US for four years and came back at the wrong time. I thought America would grow up. Trump’s election does not bother me. It bothers me that it bothers everyone else. I’m not a Trump supporter, nor am I a Hillary supporter. I think they’re both equally corrupt psychopaths.

    You mention feeling “Physical Pain.” I heard that A LOT. That’s exactly what they want you to feel. The whole point of this incredibly crazy election cycle is to keep Americans fighting one another, ignoring the banks, the large industries, the war machines and all the people who actually run this country. For the top 1%, this election didn’t matter, because they knew they had their controlling interests in both candidate.

    I did a video on this. I’d really appreciate your feedback on it:


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