Some classes I’m currently teaching: 

One Month HTML  is my HTML & CSS class. Learn with me, 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. Along the way we’ll build a landing page, and a blog template.

One Month Responsive Design – learn how to make your websites responsive and mobile-friendly. In this course I teach you how to build four websites.

Programming For Non-Programmers – I bet you have an idea for the next Instagram, but maybe you don’t know where to start? Programming for Non-Programmers is online course designed to help people with non-technical backgrounds communicate more efficiently with developers.

The China Study Diet is my online nutrition class. The China Study (the project itself) is one of those groundbreaking nutrition books that is probably talked about more than it is actually read. Join my free class to learn the main takeaways in less than 30 minutes. Without being too overdramatic, it could save your life. Join here.