One Month HTML

One Month HTML is my HTML & CSS class. Learn with me, 30 minutes a day, for 30 days.

In this One Month course we build the following projects:

1. The About Me Page

Code your first splash page. We’ll do this one together, and then I’ll show you some tips and tricks to personalize it. Along the way you’ll add YouTube Videos and Google Maps to jazz it up.


2. The Blog Template 

You’ll develop a two column blog template…


3. The Landing Page

Develop a landing page, complete with Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and a jQuery photo gallery.

A Sample of Lessons in One Month HTML:

Bootstrap Starter Page

This is a quick one day project where you’ll get up and running with Bootstrap.


Build Two and Three Column Sites Layouts

Learn how to build a two and three column layout, floats, clear fix, CSS IDs vs. Classes, inline vs. block, divs and more.

3 Column Layout with HTML and CSS

Nerdier Bands Quiz

There are 15 errors in this project. Your job is to use the the hints and screenshots to rebuild the project. In addition there are bonus points for optimizing your HTML and improving SEO best-practices.


What Should We Call Me

This project is like a scavenger hunt. You’ll use Google Chrome’s Web Inspector to search around the What Should We Call Me Tumblr blog. what-should