Studies (coming soon)

Studies are threads of knowledge.

Things that I’m curious and actively learning, thinking, writing, talking, and reading about.

Some examples of upcoming studies I’ll publish:


  • How do I learn best?
  • How do other people learn?
  • What’s the best way to learn online?
  • What is a metric we can use to define “success”?


  • How should I be eating for health?
  • How should I be eating in order to have the most energy?
  • How should I be eating for the planet?


  • Should I get married?
  • Should I have kids?


  • What creative processes work for me?
  • What is the most productive use of my time?
  • What are skills I should be learning?
  • What are things I should stop doing?
  • What should I be reading?
  • When should I delegate vs. what should I do myself?


  • What is the best way for a human to live?
  • How do I make sense and process “death”?
  • How do I understand the passing of time?
  • How do I relate to other people? What are my responsibilities towards others?