Send Yourself a Daily Text Reminder to Drink Water

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A few weeks ago I wrote about a post: How many glasses of water should drink each day?

Since then I’ve been working on creating a habit of drinking more water. Without further ado, HERE ARE THE THREE HACKS that are keeping me wet:

1. A daily text reminder to drink more water: If it’s 2pm, remind me to drinkSend Text Reminder to Drink More Water


water reminder text

Each day at 2pm, the INTERNET asks me, “Did you drink 2 bottles of water?” AND NOW THROUGH THE MAGIC OF SAID INTERNET I can share that trick with you: 

Want a daily text reminder? Do these three things:

  1. Go to the IFTTT text recipe I made: SMS Text Reminder to DRINK Water Daily
  2. Signup
  3. Add my recipe
  4. It’s FREE, it works! That’s it!

FYI, It’s totally private, I don’t get to see your email or number or anything. My intention was that other people might want a quick and easy daily reminder. So give it a try!

2. My Bracelet Reminder

I’ve also been using these Pura Vida bracelets as reminders to drink water. I make a nerdy game out of it. Here’s how to play:

  1. In the morning, start with THREE Pura Vida bracelets on your right wrist
  2. With each bottle of water you drink, move one bracelet to the left wrist.
  3. By the end of the day you should have NO BRACELETS on my right arm. If that’s true? You WIN!

3. Water Counting Bottle

I’ve been using this Hydration Counter Bottle to keep track of my intake.

Hydration Water Bottle Counter

Bonus: Have a glass of water as soon as you go to bed, and as soon as you wake up

This is another good trick. Put the bottle by your bed, and when you wake up DRINK ONE. And when you go to sleep DRINK ONE.

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