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Seven Takeaways from the DAO Tooling Survey

How many DAOs are you in? What is your #1 priority for DAO tooling? What helps to motivate people to stay active in a...
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How We Drain the Swamp in 2021: The Anti-Corruption Bill (H.R.1)

Both Republicans and Democrats can agree that there is way too much corruption in politics. The centerpiece of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was...
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The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg | Summary and Quotes

The Power of Habit explains why habits exist, and how to change them. Early in the book the author Charles Duhigg introduces you to...
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How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand

How Buildings Learn Summary I love How Buildings Learn because while the subject of is “buildings,” it’s really about time. What happens to the...
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Stem Cell Banking and Ending Aging: An Interview with Forever Labs

This week on the podcast, we have two very special guests, Mark Katakowski and Steven Clausnitzer from Forever Labs. Forever Labs makes it easy...
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Buy the Change You Want to See | An Interview with Jane Mosbacher Morris

Hello, and welcome to the On Books Podcast. This week we are looking at Buy the Change You Want to See. This is a new...
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The Programmable Self

Why there’s always somewhere better to be “It’s hot. It’s loud. Goddamn this mariachi band to hell!” I thought to myself while waiting on...
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Educated by Tara Westover

Educated is the memoir about a girl who went from being homeschooled in rural Idaho, to receive her Ph.D. from Cambridge University. Along the...
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The City That Never Lets You Sleep

How sound extends your nervous system Here’s a list of mindfulness exercises that you can use to increase your awareness of the environment that...
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