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The Best Podcasts of 2016

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The best podcasts of 2019, starting at the top with #1…

1. WTF with Marc Maron

WTF with Marc Maron
Episodes to start with: pretty much any! Some of the best are the episodes with Louis CK, Robin Williams, and most recently the Henry Winkler one.

2. Radiolab


Episodes to start with: Time, Sperm, Sleep, and Nazi Summer Camp.

3. The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferriss Show

Episodes to start with: Kevin Kelly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ramit Sethi, Alex Blumberg.

4. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Episodes to start with: Armageddon I. It’s a bit long at 3 hours long (I know), but it’s a one of the most fascinating stories, and it just happens to be a true story (about World War I and II).

5. My Brother, My Brother and Me

My Brother My Brother and MeEpisodes to start with: any. Just go with the most recent one.

6. The Late Show Podcast w/ Steven Colbert

The Late Show Podcast with Steven Colbert

This just started up, so there are only a handful of episodes so far. Dive in.

7. Startup

StartUp Podcast

Start at the beginning, with Episode #1.

8. RISK!

RISK! Podcast

True stories, boldy told.  Some of my favorite episodes include Obsessions, and Faked. And some of the best stories (edited from the episode) are available on the website here.

9. Savage Love

Savage Lovecast

Episodes to start with: the most recent one.

10. On Books

On Books - Book Podcast

My podcast! I couldn’t not include it on my favorite’s list. Each week Chris Castiglione (me) shares one of his (my) favorite books with you. Sometimes I have guests, sometimes I don’t. It all depends on the book.

Never listened to a podcast? You can download these podcasts for free via the iTunes store OR download them to your the Podcast app (go ahead and look at your iPhone right now. I’ll wait. It’s there by default). If you’re on Android, click here to learn more about the apps you should use.

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