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Social Activism is the New Brunch?

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Social Activism

I’m grateful for of all the amazing souls that came together this past weekend to organize, educate, and build community around important political issues.

I overheard someone say, “Social Activism is the new Brunch,” — and it certainly feels that way. There’s been a wave of intersectional community organizing in 2017 and it’s given a new meaning to what’s possible beyond Friday night drinks, and Sunday afternoon at Brunch.

Two events from this weekend that really moved me:

  1. On Saturday night 40+ people gathered in Bushwick for a two hour lecture and discussion about protecting Planned Parenthood from being defunded, a screening of the film Names of Women (a true abortion story — watch this now!) — followed by a dance party until 4am.  $4,500 was raised for Planned Parenthood from proceeds at the door! Big shout out to Eviatar Frankel and all the organizers!
  2. On Sunday, thirty-seven people came together at One Month for a Political Hackathon to brainstorm, organize and research the question: “How do we increase voter turnout in 2018?” Yes, we’re two years away from the next election, but there are some clear steps that need to be enact before June in order to move this along.

If you’re looking to get involved there are plenty of opportunities abound. Feel free to ask! Otherwise, please invite me out for “brunch” again some time soon. 🙂

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Chris Castig Co-founder of Adjunct Prof at Columbia University Business School.

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