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Stop Writing Songs

When Bob Dylan met John Lennon he gave him this advice, "Stop Writing Songs"
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The Problem with the Catcalling Video: I’m Not A Douchebag

You’ve probably seen the video of over 100 men catcalling one woman as she walked around NYC for ten hours? This video does a...
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Information is everywhere, but knowledge moves one person at a time.

A few weeks ago 400,000 people marched the street’s of New York City at the People’s Climate March. That morning it was hard for...
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What Camera Do We Use for Hacker News Nation?

Quite often we get asked “What camera do you use?” Here’s a rundown of our equipment. This is the basic setup that we use...
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An Interview with Paul Graham: Hackers & Painters 10 Years Later

When Hackers & Painters came out in 2003…  hacking was not cool.  Computer science was not cool. Having a startup was not cool. That...
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The 51% Rule

I have a friend who is a professional gambler. Horse racing. Yes, you read that correctly, he makes his living… betting on horses. So,...
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Stripe API Payment Tutorial with General Assembly

I love Stripe. They have an awesome API that handles payment processing for Websites. And it’s super easy to get started using it. Saikat...
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The Sound of Songwriting: with Travis Morrison of The Dismemberment Plan

“There’s this great quote by Stravinsky: If you can copy, you can do,” Travis Morrison tells me. He’s full of poignant quotes like this...
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The Sound of Songwriting: with Keller Williams

“I’m a music lover first, musician second, and songwriter third”, Keller Williams admits. He pauses for a moment continues, “Yeah, that statement says it...
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The Sound of Songwriting: with Sherrie Dupree & Stacey Dupree of Eisley

Poet Rainer Marie Rilke gives a young poet the following piece of writing advice: “There is only one way: Go within. Then draw near...
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