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Jim Henson Quotes

The opening line from Jim Hensons’ Biography: “Deer Creek winds casually, almost lazily, through the muggy lowlands in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.”...
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RISK! Podcast – When I first heard of RISK! back in 2010 I  would ration out the episodes. I didn’t want to listen to them all in one...
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Henry Miller On Why He Writes Books

Henry Miller, in Tropic of Capricorn, wrote, Whether I die today or tomorrow is of no importance to me, never has been, but that...
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Paleo vs. Plant-based | A Debate Between Loren Cordain and T. Colin Campbell

Nutrition science is frustrating! A large part of this frustration is because: the experts come with bias the media pares down the argument into sound bites Case...
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How To Buy Non-Toxic Household Products

1. My Cheatsheet I looked the list for two minutes. And instantly my buying habits changed. You can click here to view the full cheatsheet, or scroll through it...
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My First Film Credit: The Human Experiment

Movies take a lot of time to make. That’s a lesson I just learned – two years in the making. In 2013, I joined The...
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The Optimal Amount of Protein Your Body Needs

The body has an optimum percentage of protein that it needs each day. Think of it like a sweet spot that you want to hit....
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How to Tell If It’s Organic

Next time you’re at the grocery, pick up a piece of fruit. If the food label begins with a “9” it’s organic, a “4”...
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We live many lives

I’ve always wanted to live multiple lives. Lifehacker posted an inspiring comic that explains how it’s possible to live many lives:
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Stop Writing Songs

When Bob Dylan met John Lennon he gave him this advice, "Stop Writing Songs"
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