Lisa Winning and Carrie Henderson started HeTexted back in 2012. The idea was simple: What if girls could get private love and relationship advice from guys? 

The site went up in January and soon after thousands of girls were submitting questions to Lisa like, “How do I know if he’s into me?” and “Can you read this text and tell me what it means?”

It was during this time that Lisa asked me a favor. She needed help answering all the questions and reached out to me, “Chris, could you be a HeTexted Bro?”

HeTexted Bro

Being a Bro meant responding to the relationship questions coming in from the girls. Lisa told me that I’d be answering roughly 5-10 message a day, and that the girls could choose the type of guy they wanted advice from: Therefore, she said, I could choose my identity. Who was I: “The Cool Guy”, “The Douche”, or “The Nice Guy”?

I liked the idea of giving relationship advice: In another life I had imagined myself a therapist: like an Otto Rank or Esther Perel. Endlessly listening, and gently guiding people’s perspective on life.

Being a HeTexted Bro seemed like an easy way to play out that fantasy. And so I accepted the position for a six month period. And thus was dubbed “The Therapist”, HeTexted’s second official Bro (after a guy named Tim).

During my time with HeTexted I answered over 800 message from girls, and ended up with Lisa, Carrie and Tim on a spot on ABC’s Good Morning America.

When I mention my work with HeTexted people will often ask, “What were the best questions from the girls?” So here they are: the Top 10 questions from girls submitting their love, sex and relationship question to me, the “Bro” at HeTexted.

The top 10 HeTexted questions

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  1. How can I meet the right guy?
  2. My ex-boyfriend still have feeling for me! What do I do?
  3. When do you say “I love you?”
  4. How do I flirt?
  5. Is it okay to snoop? I found something I shouldn’t have. 
  6. I like douchebags! Help! What’s a girl to do? 
  7. Should a girl initiate conversation with a guy?
  8. How long do I wait after our first date to call? 
  9. My friend needs to stop hitting on me. What do I do?
  10. I just got married. But I’m not in love. What do I do?